MindUp is a new app available on Android and iOS. The concept is simple: you communicate with people around you.

How does it work:

  • You write a message
  • You chose to how many people you want to reach using your points
  • You send it

Then, the nearest people around you will receive your message (called Mind), they can like it and comment it, which gives you some points. One point allows you to reach one person. This means that more you have points, more you are heard.

It is a great tool to share your thoughts, see what is going on around or meet new people to hanging out!

Also, it is anonymous, so you are free to say whatever you want. But with the clever point system, we managed to avoid junk content or bullying like we could find with Yik-Yak or Secret.

We started MindUp in France recently, where we got thousands of users in one weekend. Now we hope to do the same in US. I think it will become something big!

The app is available here: http://mindup.io

And you, what do you think?